Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving: The Aftermath

For once it's not me who moved. G's previous roommate, J, returned to the city and moved his belongings down to his new apartment.

What He Took
The giant TV in the second TV room (Technically he took this only as far as the curb, where I'm certain someone snatched it up within minutes. Queens sidewalks: faster and easier than the free section of craigslist.)
The bed in the second bedroom (Now simply "the room")
All of his other stuff that he didn't already take, like books, clothing, computer, guitars etc.

Bye-bye, giant TV that looks much smaller in this picture

What He Left Behind
A cummerbund and bowtie (No idea why. They're currently floating, figuratively, around the kitchen.)
Jar full of money (His words, when G pointed it out: "have at it")

Some lucky delivery boy is in for a lot of pennies

Kitchen supplies (He'll get a new set of everything from the next kitchen he works in)
Weird food (Marmite on dried seafood, anyone?)
One guitar (It has a good head and neck, so G's going to build a new body for it. I may help paint it. Can't wait.)
Some orphaned books
Storage space
A giant hole in our collective wallet where a thousand dollars will have been (To turn "the room" back into "the second bedroom.")

What a giant hole looks like

What Will Be Done
Replace the bed (sob)
Return the forgotten items to their owner
Move the flat screen into the living room
Move the bigger living room TV into the small room (G attempted this switch yesterday and discovered everything would need to be rewired, since the big TV is old and unable to support a cable box hookup. This will be done eventually.)
Move the couch to the opposite wall so it doesn't block the doors anymore
Dump the small living room TV (This will also be done eventually.)
Either dump the chair or use it as a reupholstery and spray-painting test subject
Move stuff into the newly un-crowded closet and storage space
Buy a new camera to replace my hand-me-down camera that is now dirty and smudged from being covered in truffle chocolate. Oops. This has nothing to do with J moving out, but looking at these streaky pictures renewed the urgency of the task. I could get this one professionally cleaned instead, but it was old and not that great anyway.

What Has Been Done
Weird food has been tossed
Moved some stuff out of the kitchen

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