Friday, December 30, 2011

So this is Christmas

What I'm thankful for: I used a power tool, and I'm still standing. What, is it not Thanksgiving anymore? G and I went to his parents' for Christmas, and they're in the process of redoing their basement, labor and tools courtesy of their son-in-law, A, who works in construction. And me, who helped paint radiator covers and screw in screws with an electric screw thing, but I'm going to be humble about my amazingly important contributions. A had a bunch of loud things with scary blades in his car, and I overrode everyone's objections and used his chop saw to be BADASS. I put on my finest Christmas coat (it's Belarussian, no joke), made sure I was standing in front of a red car and green trees, dumped the chop saw on top of his table saw, and started slicing up pieces of wood. I only lost control twice! Apparently I "messed up the right way," because when something started going wrong, I let go of the saw trigger. I also stuck my hand under the blade while it was still spinning to grab a piece of wood, so there's that. And I had claw hands the next day. Within a month, though, I'm going to be a pro.

There are no pictures of my attempt later that night to chop firewood with an ax. It's a good thing G taught me to have a wide stance in case I overshot it, because I definitely overshot it and swung an ax through my legs. I was put on precision stump chopping drills after that, but my second real attempt hit my foot. I was then sent back into the house, but I still felt outdoorsy so it's all good.

My mother's response to these photos: "I see it, but don't believe it."

Also, I'm making a Dalek Christmas tree with a fake tree and clearance ornaments! Maybe tomorrow I'll find that mythical string with which to attach the wire whisks.