Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate-Stuffed Raspberries

I recently joined the website Pinterest.com after a recommendation from a lovely gal I met at a picnic/birthday/going-away party a couple of weekends ago. I was detailing my recent obsession with redecorating and home improvement after moving in with my boyfriend, and she said this site had some great ideas. It's a cool way to keep a visual record of what you're interested in, whether it's inspirational, practical, gift ideas, fun logos, whatever. I have somehow become sucked into some food-related projects, despite being the opposite of a foodie. I had ramen noodles for lunch yesterday. And I'm not talking about the ethnic, flavorful noodles that are popular with people who like flavor in their foods. I mean the 40 cent packs of Maruchan noodles. ANYWAY. I saw this post on chocolate-stuffed raspberries, and made an executive decision to return to the fruit shop/grocery store whence I had just come. "Sure, maybe I don't ever eat raspberries, and probably will end up eating the chocolate by itself, but... it's EASY! And G will like it!* HGTV and the DIY network are making me feel inadequate!" An hour of washing raspberries, watching Yard Crashers, assembling fruit and arranging chocolate morsels later, I was done. Glorious.

Sidenote: Is it just me, or do raspberries take an inordinately long time to dry? I left them in a strainer near a window on a hot day, and I still ended up having to dry them out with paper towel:

 *He, the boyfriend, did.

**I was originally posting these on Tumblr, which was new to me, but I quickly got fed up with how unintuitive the set-up was, how long it took to upload photos, and what an unnecessary hassle it was to switch to html view. Now I'm back to blogger, and bringing over my first posts.

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